Hello Mr. Battle,

Just want to thank you for the beautiful work you did - we have another buyer for our house and he chose to use the same house inspector.  Following the inspection last night, we were informed that you had done an VERY GOOD JOB cleaning the molds in the attic - the inspector was quite impressed.  Thanks again for trying to help us with the 1st buyer, hopefully it will all work out this time.




I have received the inspection report and everything seems to have been attached OK.  Thank you again for your comprehensive inspection/report and on such short notice as well.  We won't hesitate to work with you again and/or refer others in the future.

Sincerely, Marc Pepin


Hello Paul,

That is an excellent report - thank you very much. As it turns out the homeowner "always" has candles burning and they are the mainstream "cheap" scented variety.  Thank you very much for your help with this transaction. I will not hesitate to use your services again or to refer you to others. 

Sincerely,  Heather Bryan


WOW! I read a lot of reports and yours is the easiest and clearest I have seen in a long time. We have already had Richard Whyte in from Your Home Renovations to give and estimate on carpet removal, dry wall the basement ceiling, fix up adjust air circulation and move the air returns etc. Thank you so much, I can tell that our days of sniffing in the basement are numbered! - 

Kate Green

P.S. I will be forwarding this report to several friends and recommending you very highly - K


Hi Paul,

Thank you very much for this.  I am very grateful for everything you have done.  Your reports are detailed and thorough, but most of all done in such a timely way that I could make a well-informed decision.  This is truly appreciated.

 Regards,  Janice


Thanks Paul,

 I got the report, will review it and contact you.  Thanks again, if you ever need a reference don't hesitate to give my name.  Charles (Andreas son ) and I were up in the attic yesterday and it's beautiful, if I had not seen it myself I wouldn't believe that there ever was mould.

Chris Bignell  Cornwall Remax

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