Mould Removal

More people have environmental sensitivities and allergies to moulds then ever before.  If moulds are not removed in the proper fashion and the spores are released into the air they can quickly contaminate the home.  Not only am I an experienced and certified mould inspector, but I have the same training and certification of the companies that do mould removals.  This allows me to prescribe a scope of work that is appropriate for your situation.

On occasion I also will do smaller scale removals and cleanings when the size of the job is appropriate.  This is usually when clients have requested this due to referrals from friends whom I have worked for in the past.  A mould abatement should always first start with an inspection to gauge the scope of work needed.  Paul Battle / The House Doc is certified with "The Clean Trust" formarlly known as IICRC as a Water Restoration Technician, Odour Control Technician and Applied Microbial Remediation Technician.


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