Mould Inspections

Mould inspections should always be a combination of a detailed physical inspection from the basement to the attic, moisture testing of all areas that have the potential to have water present and possibly air testing.  All homes have spores in the air all year round.  Every surface in the home and between the walls has mould spores present.  The key is not having moisture or humidity issues that will allow the spores to grow.  

Be aware of companies that will come into your home and take a single air sample for moulds as the entire test.  This is not the appropriate way to determine if the home has a mould issue.  They are simply trying to sell expensive cleanings or antimicrobial spray treatments.  This is dishonest.  Samples, if and when taken, should always include at least one per floor and one outside as a control sample.  We need to compare the counts and types of moulds in the home to the different floors and to the outside air.  Even then this info is used with the observations and testing from the physical inspection.

Paul Battle / The House Doc is highly trained / certified & experienced at inspecting homes for moulds.  It is one of my specialties.  I have thousands of home inspections to date with very little that I have not already seen.  I will always emphasis the importance of a good physical inspection first and foremost.  If sampling is helpfull or required I have the equipment, training and experience to test properly.  Check the links to Health Canada’s web site on mould testing for more info.  Mould inspections can be a separate service or part of a general indoor air quality inspection.  Call to discuss you particular situation or needs.


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