Real Estate Inspections

Paul Battle / The House Doc offers an inspection for people purchasing a home.  Regardless if it is 100 years old or less than 10 years of age there are always potential indoor air quality issues to be located.  I inspect from the basement to the attic with a large bag of instrumentation, and years of experience.

I am often requested to do inspections for specific issues that have been detected by a structural building inspector.  i.e...  moulds, vermiculite,   

Many real estate agents and home owners are now having inspections completed before listing the homes.  This is to reduce any issues during the offer process of finding surprises.  Real estate inspections have been a large part of my business for many years now.

Indoor Environmental training lectures are available to Real Estate offices on subjects like Moulds, Vermiculite, Grow op homes, Radon gas etc.  


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