Marijuana Grow Houses

Most people would be surprised at how many homes have been used as marijuana grow op’s in the Ottawa area over the last 10 years.  If not down your street then likely in your neighborhood.  Real estate laws require these homes be disclosed to buyers.  Lenders and insurers all require detailed inspections and testing in these homes.  

Paul Battle / The House Doc has been inspecting grow op’s for the past 10 years and is considered a recommended expert on the subject by the City of Ottawa building department.  I have inspected well over 200 of these homes.   Most grow op homes can be cleaned and returned to a healthy indoor environment.  Some however do require extensive work to be rehabilitated.  Most have high spore counts and some water damage from the amount of potted plants in the basement and upper rooms.

Real Estate laws require the disclosure that a home was used in the past for the production of marijuana.  These homes require an environmental inspection to be cleared for occupancy.  If you are considering buying a grow op home or selling one an inspection is mandatory and highly recommended. 


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