Asbestos Testing

Asbestos fibres have been used in many building products over the years and still are today.  The difference is that in the past it was used in products that can become easily exposed to the indoor air.  Ducting insulation wrap, dry wall compounds, and floor tiles are the most common in residential homes.  Asbestos is a controlled substance and needs to be removed appropriately.  This usually means by professionals who are trained and certified to do so. 

Inspections for asbestos are part of a normal home environmental inspection or can be requested specifically.  I also specialize in the proper collection and analysis of vermiculite insulation in attics.  In most cases this is only located in the attic but it is not uncommon to be found poured down a chimney race or in some exterior walls.

We can take samples prior to renovations to determine if materials do contain asbestos.  Air sampling for asbestos particles is a service we provide when removal may not have been done properly or to clear a site for occupancy after asbestos removal.


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